Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment That Kids Need

THE Filipino school system has been the same for 100 years, with children boxed into traditional classrooms and rigid class schedules. But as we’ve observed since the beginning of the pandemic, learning does not have to be restricted to the boundaries of a classroom. 카지노사이트

Each child is unique. They differ in how much time they need to learn something, what sparks their interest, and what tools and resources work best for them. So why pigeonhole all students into one outdated learning setup? For many children, flexibility is key to helping them reach their full potential. This is what APEC Schools’ SmartClass offers (www.apecschools.edu.ph). An innovative e-homeschooling program, SmartClass is designed for independent, curiosity-driven learners.

Limitless learning. While the traditional setup might work for some, many students today require more breathing room to grow. As a home e-schooling program, SmartClass allows the Filipino child to learn from the comforts of their homes.

Whether they want to breeze through a lesson or to slow down for more in-depth understanding, students can go at their own pace. This way, they no longer have to adjust to their classmates’ learning needs, ensuring that they completely understand the lesson.

Instead of revolving around grades and tests, the platform focuses on honing problem-solving skills. Independent learners are tasked to conduct research and work on case studies across two or more subjects. This way, students are empowered to take control of their education and develop critical thinking and creativity.

A solid support system. Aside from improving the traditional homeschooling paradigm, SmartClass also lets parents be more involved in their child’s education. Unlike most traditional homeschooling curricula where the parent is the child’s primary and only educator, SmartClass parents receive support from professional teachers, coaches and coordinators through one-on-one consultations. 바카라사이트

Such a support system ensures that the student is on track, and that they’re inspired to learn so parents can rest assured that they’re giving their child quality education. In fact, SmartClass has the seal of approval from Ayala Corp. and the Yuchengco Group—two formidable conglomerates that partnered to create APEC in line with their commitment to nation-building through affordable but quality education.

An adaptive, future-ready curriculum. With the advent of technological tools, children now have more access to resources that previous generations could not even imagine. Embracing the ever-changing digital world, SmartClass is an innovative learning system that’s built for the future.

As the Filipino child’s educational needs change, so too should the learning systems adapt and evolve. With SmartClass’s flexible learning, the next generation will be empowered to take control of tomorrow

Along with other units in the University, the College of Arts and Sciences is adopting a radical paradigm shift to continue delivering instruction using different modalities.

To address the diverse needs of students with or without access to stable internet connection, the college is adopting flexible learning starting this summer term. Prior to implementation, all programs’ content and pedagogies were reviewed and course syllabi were modified to suit the flexible delivery of instruction. These changes are reflected in the streamlined curriculum and the new instructional methodologies, learning activities and assessment tools. Faculty members were  required to attend webinars to equip them with the skills to effectively implement these changes. 온라인카지

College dean Dr. Marietta B. Agustin said in a statement, “We are allocating the University’s resources so that we can put up the necessary support, be it in infrastructure or retooling of our faculty members so that we can cater to the diverse needs of students. We prioritize the students’ safety and we are committed in delivering quality education.”

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